August 15th, 2005

amd: ass monkey


Well, except for the fact that it was way too hot to sleep in our house or in fact to even come into physical contact with each other, it was a really good weekend. I made some chili saturday (because of course heat demands heat in return). Then on sunday we evacuated our oven house for the calm sterile coldness of Target for a couple hours, where my lovely, lovely girlfriend bought me an ipod for my birthday. Then we headed off to a fun-filled birthday party for a one year old, where they pretty much had to force us at gunpoint to leave the wondrous beauty of their air-conditioning. Fortunately, around midnight, as I was filling my ipod with lots of marvelous music, a really cracking thunderstorm tore through the city, bringing with it much refreshing coolness.

Of course, I was late for work today, because I couldn't stop fiddling with my ipod. In fact, in honor of my new ipod...

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