May 16th, 2005

amd: ass monkey

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My weekend in reviews (two film, two television):

Kung Fu Hustle -- Awesome! Go see it while it's still in the theaters. So funny, so fun. Stephen Chow has such a great take on the martial arts genre.

Oceans Twelve -- I don't see how all those talented people could have chosen to make a movie that bad. Perhaps the studio was blackmailing them all. I was surprised to even see a credit for screenwriting, becuase there was absolutely no script. No plot, dialogue, no character. For a while, i was convinced Steven Soderbergh was just having them improv the entire thing.

Doctor Who -- Wow, what a great episode. Really showed why Russel Davies was the right guy to have run this show. I have cried like that since I saw Adric's shattered mathematics badge.

Enterprise finale -- Yawn. Since when does Riker need be taught the values of self-sacrifice and following your instincts. It was just dumb and a lame goodbye to the show. Would have been better if they went out on those Peter Weller episodes.