April 20th, 2005

amd: ass monkey

I live...

Well, I've finally crawled my way out of that long, dark, slightly-sticky, popcorn-scented tunnel I like to called the Philadelphia Film Festival. 39 films in in 12 days. And I've learned a few things about the world from these films. Would you like to know what I've learned?

1) No matter how poor, every single person in a foreign film has a cell phone. In fact many of them would have struggled to advance their plot without the use of cell phones.

2) At least one member of any married couple is cheating on the other.

3) South Korea makes the world's greatest films, followed distantly by Japan. Bollywood and Hollywood are eating their wake.

More on specific films as I readjust to spending my waking hours in daylight. And catch up on work.

Until then, who's hungry?