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Heroes and Studio 60

Well, I thought "Heroes" was pretty good for network sci-fi. Sure, some of the dialogue was clunky, but they have good characters in good dramatic situations. The massive web of Lost-esque coincidences bothers me, but I'll give them a chance to explain those away (a mutant matchmaker with probability-altering powers?).

"Studio 60 from the Sunset Strip" is continuing on well, still introducing characters. Oh, so many characters. It was nice to see John Ennis from "Mr. Show" in the fictional writing cast, although neither he or Evan Handler really got to do much, but listen to Matthew Perry talk. I wonder if any of those guys are actually writers for the show? I definitely worry about them showing more than a little of the show within the show, but I hear they have Mark McKinney from "Kids in the Hall" writing some of those bits, so maybe it won't be so bad.

Tonight: Gilmore Girls and Smith

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