February 6th, 2003

amd: ass monkey

an ass monkey is born!

ok, so you're hopping through the jungle or the zoo (or the planet of the apes, whatever) and you see some monkeys and you say to yourself, "Damn! I mean to find myself the most ass-lovingest monkey around!" and then boom, before you're even done thinking them thoughts, I've already got my groovy monkey binoculars all over that juicy piece of ass you're packing, baby! boys, girls, non-primates, it's all good baby. let me tell you sometime, about this squid I liberated....
amd: ass monkey

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I snapped this little pic in Tokyo last year. As soon as I saw the ass on this big ape, I knew he'd have a big future ahead of him. And I was right. He's got a movie coming out next year with that kid from Good Will Hunting.

p.s. I did him....