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weekend dvd viewing

Watched "High School Musical" and "Being There" this weekend. One of those double features that could probably only happen in our house.

"High School Musical" was cute and the songs much catchier than I expected. I had the notion that the lead actress looked like she'd been grown in the Disney cloning vats, a skillful blending of DNA from every race on earth with a face (not to mention voice) sculpted by the same animators who made "The Little Mermaid" and "Beauty and the Beast."

"Being There" was a bit more cerebral. It struck me as an art film version of "Forest Gump," what with a miraculously lucky, childlike adult being used as a metaphor for the American populace. Definitely not my favorite Hal Ashby film, but certainly very good.

Full night of TV tonight: Prison Break, Heroes, and Studio 60.

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