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Chapter 17: In which I part ways with CSI: Miami

Since I'd already seen the first episode of "Studio 60 from the Sunset Strip," I watched the season opener of "CSI: Miami" last night instead.

I know, I know, everybody hates David Caruso's delivery, but I like it. There's something very pulp hero about it. Doc Savage could talk like that.

Anyway, last season ended great. With Horatio's wife being killed by a gangster. At the very end, Horatio turns to her brother (Delko) and says "We're GOING to BRAZIL." So, things were all set for a really great episode. Plus, Miles from "Surface" was guest starring (who seemed super lonely without Nim).

But it was a dud. I figured they'd be in Brazil for at least a couple episodes, instead it was less than a half an hour. And except for countless shots of the gigantic Jesus statue, you didn't see much of Rio de Janeiro (let alone the rest of Brazil). They weren't even all that slowed down by being completely out of their jurisdiction. There should have been some more drama from that. But worst of all, there wasn't any good "We're not in Miami anymore, Horatio. You can't me arrest me here!" "Oh, I'M not HERE to ARREST you..." BANG BANG BANG!

No, instead, it was just sort of limp, child-in-danger, clear cut black-and-white morality with no gray area. Blah, it's for the best I guess. Now I'll have no misgivings about giving my monday 10:00 hour to Aaron Sorkin.

Although I will miss Khandi Alexander.

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