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So, I was led to believe that on sunday there was going to be this big farewell to the WB. They were supposed to show the first episodes of Felicity, Angel, Buffy, and Dawson's Creek. As a longtime WB junkie, I was quite psyched for this. But no.....

Apparently, since in the Philadelphia area, it was the UPN affiliate that turned into the CW rather than the WB affiliate*, they didn't bother to run the farewell. Bastards!!!

Now how am I supposed to properly mourn the end of my favoritest network ever!?!??!

Hmmm... maybe this sad kabuki-esque picture will do the trick:

*If you don't know what I'm talking about, yesterday was the last day of the WB and UPN networks. They have combined into the CW, which will have some of the programming from each of the old stations.

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