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wayback wednesday: "the glass teat"

This confession will come as no surprise to long-time readers of my blog, but I find the start of the new Fall television lineup more exciting than Christmas and my birthday put together. Late August (the Christmas Eve of my cathode ray religion) is the best, because in my mind all the returning shows are going to be as good as their best episodes from the previous seasons, and all the brand new shows are going to be even better than those!

*cue the music of disappointment*

Still, until then I can shiver in anticipation and plan my viewing strategy....

Mondays: Prison Break (8:00), Heroes (9:00), Studio 60 (10:00)
Tuesdays: Gilmore Girls (8:00), Veronica Mars (9:00), Boston Legal or Smith (10:00)
Wednesdays: Next Top Model or Jericho (8:00), Lost (9:00), Kidnapped (10:00)
Thursdays: My Name is Earl (8:00), The Office (8:30), The OC or Grey's Anatomy (9:00)

Tags: spanking, television, wayback wednesdays
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