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"The Black Hole"

Watched "The Black Hole" on DVD this weekend. Even though I hadn't seen it since I was a kid, I was pretty sure it was a good movie. I was not disappointed. The science was pretty sketchy, but that's not an issue for me, since the subject matter is more theology than astrophysics. Watching the short documentry about the special effects, I was amused to learn that the gorgeous, psychedelic Book of Revelations ending was made up on the spot by the Visual Effects people, because the script didn't have a real ending. Apparently they tried to fill it with even more Christian images, but got ixnayed by the studio.

Fortunately, the movie provided plenty of gay subtext to balance the Christianity. Maximilian Schell and Tony Perkins were so in love with each other. Seriously, I've seen subtler flirting in actual sex movies. There was even a little love triangle if you count one of the robots.

And the John Barry score was marvelous, very mysterious and evocative.

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