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The thing I can't stand about writing is that there's no idea so brilliant or beautiful that I can't turn it to shit by trying to capture it in prose. Needless to say, that's pretty much the route of all my failure as a writer. Either I get frustrated at how horribly long it takes me to transmute ideas into words I like. Or I get tired of the story I'm telling, because I've already written the entire thing in my head out of fear that writing it on paper will be too painful.

Anne Lamott says the trick is to give yourself permission to write a really horrible first draft. A draft so terrible that you would never show it to anyone. Just to get it down on paper. And then start a massive revision process to turn the shit into gold. I respect that idea tremendously, but it requires such a leap of faith. Like an Evel Knievel jumping Snake Canyon on a rocket cycle leap. It's like marrying someone who hates you because you know that eventually you'll convince them to love you.

That's the thing I can't stand about writing.

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