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Saturday night, I re-watched Hedgewig and the Angry Inch. That is such a fantastic film. There was also a little documentry about the history of the stage play and the film on the disk that was almost as riveting. I was both disappointed and relieved to see that John Cameron Mitchell is such a normal, happy guy in real life. Composer Stephen Trask seemed like someone I'd absolutely want to hang out with down at the bar. I want to track down some of his other music now.

Yesterday, we went to see Little Miss Sunshine. Excellent acting (as always) by Alan Arkin, Toni Collette, and Steve Carell, but it still felt just a little flat to me, a little artificial, like the writer was more concerned with making "a great indie film" than with telling a good story. Still, I'd say it's worth seeing. The casting director deserves an oscar if nothing else. Bryan Cranston even had a small role!

Later that night, we watched the pilots for two new NBC shows: "Studio 60 from the Sunset Strip" is great as I knew it would be. Of course, Aaron Sorkin could write a tv show about bum fight promoters and I'd probably be hooked. The other was "Kidnapped" and stars Jeremy Sisto from "Six Feet Under" as an expert in recovering kidnap victims. I thought I didn't need any more crime shows in my life, but actually found it really compelling. I'm not sure how they're going to pull off an entire season based on one kidnapping story, but I'll definitely give it a chance. Bonus: Mamet's pal Rickey Jay is a regular in it! How awesome is that?

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