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I never has any interest in circuses when I was younger. I remember being dragged to one as a kid--Ringling Brothers I think-and finding it just a mess of loud noises and tortured animals and obnoxious clowns. Then in my 20s I saw Wings of Desire and was fascinated by the simple beauty of the circus acrobat played by Solveig Dommartin. Still, real circuses never looked as interesting as the one in the movie.

Then Cirque du Soleil came around. Circus with a huge dose of cabaret and avant garde theater added to it. Great music, fantastic costumes. And in a small enough environment that you could not only see everthing that's going on (a must for the acrobats and contortionists), but even feel apart of it. Caught their Alegria show a couple years ago and was really blown away.

We're going to see the currently-touring Cirque du Soleil show, Quidam, tomorrow night. Can't wait.

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