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Charmed and Aaron Spelling, RIP

My girlfriend never fails to be touched by those instances when one member of an older couple dies and then the other follows shortly thereafter, presumably their own death hastened by their grief and love for the dearly departed. This is one of those cases.

One month ago, the mildly beloved television series "Charmed" aired it's final episode. Yes, the brave series that dared to ask the important question, "What if witches really existed? And what if they were hotties?" Early on, it was came across like a bad rip-off of "Buffy" and "The Craft." But by the time Rose McGowan replaced Shannen Doherty, it had found its true calling in the light comedy-action genre established more expertly by the creators of "Hercules" and "Xena." It was never a great show, but it was almost always entertaining. And it will be missed, even if only by it's 1-2 million weekly viewers.

And now, just one month later, its creator, the amazingly successful TV producer Aaron Spelling has followed "Charmed" to that great unknown television heaven where unrealistically attractive young people forever frolic, flirt and fight to predictably comic or melodramatic ends.

I take this time to bid them both fond farewell.


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