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wayback wednesday: Bettie!

Can anyone recommend good biographies of any 60s rockers? Preferably British Invasion and preferably guitarists, but exceptions could be made for the right book. It's research for a writing project.

I'm currently reading two and neither one is quite doing it for me. "Dark Horse" is about George Harrison and I was keen on picking it up because it's supposed to get into a lot of his spirituality, which interests me quite a bit, but so far it's a rambling mess and difficult to get into. The other is "X-Ray" by Ray Davies, which I also thought would be great, but he uses this goofy distancing technique: in a Orwellian future where everyone is owned by corporations, a young man is assigned to find the elderly Ray Davies and write his life story.

Tags: barefoot, best of 2006, bettie page, books, music, wayback wednesdays
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