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Festival ad infinitum

DAY EIGHT of the festival. So far, I've seen 26 films. I'm starting to drag a bit, but there's only four days left.

Some random reviews that were fresh in my brain:

Reincarnation: Below average Japanese horror flick that would have been so much better if it was more focused. Instead, they tried to throw in elements from too many different horror genres (scary ghost kid, slasher, is-this-all-just-happening-in-my-mind?, AND zombies!).

Hell: This was my first Taiwanese horror movie. A group of young people died and go to Buddhist hell, which they promptly try to escape from. For a low budget film, it had some pretty amazing special effects, but the bloodshed and torture was so constant that it stopped being thrilling and just became agitating.

Truth or Dare: On the non-horror front, this was a great German flick about a girl who flunks out of high school just before her final year, but decides to convince her parents that she's still going to school every day. Quality acting and a great script made this my most enjoyable film yesterday.

Little Athens: When I heard that Hurley from "Lost" was in this American indie, I immediately ditched the dreary-looking little Hungarian village film I was planning to see for it. It was pretty good attempt at following one dramatic weekend in the lives of a group of vaguely linked young people in a small Arizona town. It got a little needlessly dark (for my tastes by the end, but then I kept wanting it to be more like "Dazed & Confused," which it resembled only slightly.

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