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wicked review

Well, "Wicked" was pretty good. Definitely funnier and faster-paced than I expected, given the novel. I was surprised to learn that the dialogue (or book as I guess theater types call it) was written by Winnie Holzman, creator of the excellent tv series "My So-Called Life." The songs were by Stephen Schwartz and because I knew that I kept hearing bits and pieces of the music from "Godspell" recycled in them, but they were generally nice and fun and occasionally quite lovely. The acting was pretty damn good for a touring production, no complaints there, but now that I've seen Kristin Chenoweth on "The West Wing" I really wish I had gotten to see her play the role of Glinda, because that's about as perfect a bit of casting as ever there was.

And now the girlfriend is flying away to Vegas to begin her road trip of the West. She and her friend claim they're going to come back all tattooed and bad-ass. We shall see.

And tomorrow is my last full day of work for the duration of the film festival. I have a festival party tonight, three films tomorrow, five on saturday, and then four films a day for a week or so after that.


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