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Weekend roundup...

Friday, went out to dinner and a play ("Opus" at the Arden Theater).

Saturday, much playing of World of Warcraft (two new characters: a human warrior and a dwarven hunter).

Sunday, we did much shopping for house stuff. Got three matching lamps for the living room (so that visitors will stop saying "Wow, it's really dark in here. I feel like I'm in a cave"), a new computer desk and chair (the one I'd been using was my older brother's desk from when he was a little kid and the chair was literally falling apart and missing pieces), and I think we decided on a new fridge (once I check it out on Epinions).

Oh, and when I put the computer back together after spending hours building the desk, the DSL didn't work. Fortunately, it wasn't anything that couldn't be fixed by helpful tech people in distant India. Probably some trick they do involving water from the Ganges and a statue of Ganesha (the removal of all connection problems).


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