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the boy who saved feminism (in his sleep)

Had an odd dream last night. I was walking the streets of New York City (it seemed like I was on my way to work but I haven't worked in New York since 1993) and I saw Gloria Steinem about to be hit by a car. I'm not exactly sure if I would have recognized her so quickly in real life, but in the dream I knew who she was immediately. I also had superior reaction time (compared to my waking self) and immediately charged forward and pushed her to safety, getting slightly winged myself by the car that was about to hit her. I don't recall seeing Gloria again after that, but there was a brief stay in the hospital followed by tons of media interviews. They were calling me "The Boy Who Saved Feminism." As I was waking up, I remember thinking that I handled myself extremely well in the interviews (considering the only other times I've been interviewed I froze up and looked like a zombie on camera), although I was definitely getting cranky towards the end.

Strange stuff... not really sure what it came from.

Tags: barefoot, dreaming

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