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Well, last night was fun. The marvelous mrs_munt, her husband, and prayinmantis took me out for a lovely evening of barbeque and chit-chat. They tested my personality with something called the Myers Briggs Test (apparently I'm an INTJ) and tested my dexterity with a little game called "The Icy Stairs of Death." There was discussion of art, literature, theatre, movies, music, television and comic books (all the important things really). One of my favorite short stories was dissed and then rescued from the dissing fields, dusted off, and sent back on it's way.

Oh, the Munts have a car from the future, but they've ordered a car from even farther in the future, which should be arriving by fourth-dimensional courier any day now. I'm pretty sure it can fly.

Thanks to all three for showing me a slice of the real Chicago (not to be confused with the Real World Chicago, which we also discussed.)

Tonight's my last night here. Tomorrow night I'm flying home to see my girl!

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