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the quest for sushi

Well, it's day four here in Chicago. It's been amazingly warm, mostly in the 50s during the day, but a bit rainy. The convention center is out in the middle of nowhere. More than once I've had the hunch that cab drivers were taking me out to an empty lot to bash my pretty little brains in. So far though they've no such initiative.

I've mostly been finding restaurants by wandering around blind, which has done me pretty well (especially with a fantastic Mexican place called Su Casa), but sushi has been more challenging. On my first night here in particular, I hunted and hunted for a sushi joint before finally giving up and getting a greasy hamburger at this seedy little bar.

Last night, I actually did some research before going out, looking up sushi places in the office Zagat's guide and finding the addresses on a little free map. I found one just nine blocks away from my hotel. Sushi Naniwa. Except for the jazz playing (Dave Brubeck... truly perfect for raw tuna and Kirin Ichiban), it was very traditional, not new-fangled like most of the sushi places in Philly. I loved it.

And then as I walked out, feeling quite satisfied, I saw the hamburger joint I ended up at two nights earlier. If I'd just walked another half block I would have found it then!

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