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america's next top model

Oooh, I left out the best part of our home repair/demolition yesterday. I was trying to pry our this piece of metal with a hammer about five inches from my head, and the hammer broke free from the metal and smashed me in the mouth. It was fun. I got to spit a mouthful of blood onto the pure white snow. Bonus: terrifying my poor girlfriend with the sight of my now gnarly-looking gums. Fortunately, the teeth all seem to have survived.

Today's picture is in honor of Nicole Linkletter (no relation, I'm sure), the winner of America's Next Top Model. For the first time, my favorite made it to the end of the competition and won it. Of course, as my girlfriend has wisely pointed out, her being my favorite may have something to do with her looking a bit like Summer Glau of Firefly/Serenity fame. Either way, here's to you, Nicole...

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