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halloween and septa

Well, Septa went on strike last night at midnight. They're the public transportation company here in Philly. Quite rightfully too. They're getting treated very badly.

Unfortunately, though, that makes the four and a half mile 3.7 mile trip to work suddenly more challenging. To make things a bit easier, our bosses are letting us work at home three days a week til the strike is over (today is one of those days). That still leaves two days though. I could probably drive, but parking in the university area where I work is murder even under the best of circumstances. With Septa on strike, I'll be lucky if I can find parking on that side of the river at all.

So, I'm thinking quite strongly about walking it. I figure I'd allot myself 90 minutes for the walk just to be safe. Could be fun. Plus, it will help me work off all the halloween candy I've been eating.

ETA: Corrected the distance

Speaking of which... Happy Halloween!


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