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experiments in laziness: the audio book

So, in a new experiment in laziness, I'm listening to Lemony Snickets audio books on my ipod while commuting. Yes, not only am I indulging in young adult literature, I'm letting someone else (Tim Curry) do the reading for me. For the most part it's very pleasant, but there are problems. One is that Tim Curry's voice makes Violet and Klaus sound almost as sinister as Count Olaf. Also Philly's subways are a little too loud at times even with the volume at full blast. Finally, I'm having a little difficulty being patient with the speed at which it's read. I'm a slow reader, always have been, but I still read almost twice as fast as this audio tape goes. I'm only on chapter six, so I'll probably relax into the pacing eventually, but at this point, my restlessness forces me to play solitaire or read something else while listening to it, which surely must be taking away from enjoyment.

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