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"Jason Lee-e-e-e doing kick-flips in my dreams...."

So, "My Name is Earl" definitely looks like one of the more promising new shows of the season. Follows Arrested Development's path of making a sit-com that looks and acts more like an indie film. Jason Lee and Ethan Suplee both do a great job. I kinda despise that skanky blonde that plays Earl's ex-wife, but at least she's a character you're supposed to despise, so maybe that'll be ok. Best of all, though, it's a gimmick show where I don't think the gimmick is ever gonna get old. A lifelong jerk, Earl has stumbled upon the notion of karma ("something Carson Daly came up with") and is setting out to right a lifetime of wrongs (he's starting out with a list of 258, but I'm sure he'll add to that as he goes).

Tags: best of 2005, television

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