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Episode 498: In Which the Lyrics of Rilo Kiley Lead to a Spirited Debate on Theological Matters

"But as for these, in vain have they sought after my soul; they shall go into the nethermost parts of the earth, they shall be surrendered unto the edge of the sword; portions for foxes shall they be. But the king shall be glad in God, everyone shall be praised that swears by Him; for the mouth of them is stopped that speak unjust things."

--Psalm 62

No, I'm not plotting the ruination of my enemies. I was just trying to remember where the phrase "portions for foxes" comes from. It's funny. Sometimes I forget where Christians get all that hate from. I think, "But Jesus was so anti-hate, how do they justify it?" Then I read something from the rest of the Bible and it's like some beautiful manifesto of hatred.

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