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Saw the new Wonka this weekend. Meh... it was just ok.

I'd heard too much hype about how Burton's version was going to so much darker than the original, which was exciting, but it was most certainly not the case. Even with more frequent musical numbers the original version was so much more sinister and cynical than this new version.

That said though, the acting was quite nice. Especially the kids. Unfortunately though while the kid playing Charlie is an amazing actor, his serious, moving portrayal seemed a bit out of place amidst the comic performances of everyone else in the factory. It felt almost as if he was CGI'd in from a different sort of film.

The Oompa Loompa songs were fun, but I had to struggle to make out exactly what they were saying at times.

Also, I was definitely a bit put off by the Wonka backstory. I'm usually a sucker for father-son conflicts, but this one seemed flat and overly prolonged. Personally I don't think a character like Wonka benefits any from being humanized. He's best as as some sort of shadowy, vaguely demonic figure, who's motives can only be guessed at.

Tags: best of 2005, film

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