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wayback wednesday

Ugh.... K. and I went out to our favorite Japanese restaurant last night and they've totally wrecked the place.

First off the avocado salad is no longer a green salad with ginger dressing and avocado slices. It's now a mash of mayonaise, diced avocado, and crabstick. Yes, mayonaise. They also put mayonaise in about a dozen of their maki now. And a lot of their maki contain something called "white tuna." When I asked our waiter if it was white because it was cooked, he said it wasn't really tuna. Oooh, great... fake tuna.

Add to that the fact that the waiter didn't know what maki and inari were (he works in a goddamned Japanese restaurant) and he didn't put our tempura order in!

Gah.... that place used to be so marvelous...

Tags: best of 2005, food, wayback wednesdays

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