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more on Doctor Who

Ok, so I definitely like the new Doctor. I feel fine about the new companion. I thought it was a pretty good combination of adventure and light comedy, as it should be. The 45-minute complete story episode structure threw me a bit. Having grown up watching them on PBS, I'm used to 2-3 hour Doctor Who movies with cliffhangers every 25 minutes or so. But they managed that time well.

While this Doctor doesn't seem to mind getting into fights, he doesn't seem too skilled in judo anymore. Pertwee would have broken that Auton's grip easilly.

I was somewhat bothered by the fact that the conspiracy buff only had pictures of the Doctor's current incarnation, and didn't mention that the United Nations Intelligence Taskforce had a scientific advisor known only as the Doctor back in the 70s.

Tags: best of 2005, television

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